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Jasper Dirkse is a highly experienced freelance cameraman and camera remote operator with over 30 years of experience in professional camerawork for television and film productions. In 1999, he founded Jasper Dirkse Productions, which has since served all major television and broadcast networks, as well as audiovisual suppliers in the Netherlands and abroad. His extensive experience in the field has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the technical aspects of camerawork and video production, as well as the creative elements necessary to produce high-quality content.

Freelance Cameraman

Sports cameraman, Camera operator, Cameraman sports, Sport camera,

Throughout his career as a camera operator, he has worked on a variety of projects, ranging from television networks, independent films, and corporate productions. His vast experience and expertise have made him a sought-after professional in the field of broadcast services and professional camerawork.

Camera Remote Head Operator

One of his specializations is in remote camera systems, which he has extensive experience in operating. He has worked with various television networks, independent films, and corporate productions, providing his expertise in remote camera systems. His knowledge and skills in this area have allowed him to capture unique and dynamic shots that enhance the overall production value of the projects he works on.

Jib Operator

His expertise in professional camerawork and broadcast services extends beyond his specialization in remote camera systems. He is well-versed in all aspects of professional camerawork, including lighting, sound, and camera operation. His attention to detail and ability to work under pressure make him a valuable asset to any production team. Additionally, his knowledge and experience in broadcast services allow him to provide valuable insights and recommendations to clients, ensuring that their projects are of the highest quality.

Latest assignments

▷ May '2024, Back in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, for FabriQ Media Group. Jasper operated the Jimmy Jib at the MEPEG conference associated with and organized by ARAMCO.

▷ April '2024, Commissioned by Sky Base One (Spy Manor), Jasper Dirkse delivered grip services for a new crime series "Cold Mind" at several locations in the Algarve, Portugal.

▷ March '2024, For FAT KAT Productions, Jasper Dirkse was operating the Scanner crane at the Global Entertainment Awards 2024 (Martinhal) in Quinta do Lago (Algarve Portugal)

▷ February '2024, commissioned by FabriQ Media Group, Camera operator Jasper Dirkse was at the  IPTC  International Petroleum Technology Conference in Dammam Saudi Arabia.

▷ January '2024, for services as an AGITO operator, Jasper Dirkse.TV was at the "Vrienden van Amstel Live" concert in the Rotterdam Ahoy. Commissioned by FabriQ Media Group.

Photo rights; FabriQ Media Group

▷ November '2023, The Arabia-CARICOM Summit. Around beautiful locations, the Ritz hotel and in Ad - Diriyah the authentic old city of Riyadh, We've operated the AGITO remote camera dolly at this event on behave of FabriQ Media Group and Filmasters. (Picture credits Eurogrip Rentals)

▷ October '2023, Jasper Dirkse.TV was commissioned by FabriQ Media Group to operate a Towercam and camera remote head system at the MENA Climate week in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

▷ Also in October '2023, Jasper Dirkse.TV was operating a Towercam at the Asean Summit at the beautiful location the Ritz hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

▷  UCI Cycling World Championships 

▷ August 2th t/m 13th '2023, Camera remote operator Jasper Dirkse, is operating for grip specialist Eurogrip and the UCI the GF-9 crane at the Cycling World Championships, Mountainbiking (Downhill, Cross-Country and E-Bikes) event at Fort William and Glentress Forest in Scotland.

Sports cameraman, Camera operator, Cameraman sports, Sport camera,

▷ May 19th '2023, Jasper Dirkse.TV was commissioned by FabriQ Media Group as a remote camera operator (operating gyrostabilized flight head) at the "Arab League summit" in Saudi Arabia, where President Zelensky was meeting all Arabic leaders at the conference in Jeddah.

Sports cameraman, Camera operator, Cameraman sports, Sport camera,

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Photo rights | FabriQ Media Group

▷ August '2022, Jasper Dirkse.TV was commissioned by Eurogrip as a remote camera operator (operating GF-9 crane) at the European Championships in Munich Germany.

Sports cameraman, Camera operator, Cameraman sports, Sport camera,


Work shop

▷ July 2023 - In coorporation with Fat Kat Productions a 2 day workshop with a Moviebird 24, was held in Lagoa, (Algarve) Portugal this summer.

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