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Television & Film productions

Jasper Dirkse.TV is a well-established international company delivering camera operations for over 30 years to a vast network of; Television broadcasters, TV Networks, Sports networks and Film production companies.

One of his specialisations is operating: Camera remote systems, Cranes, Jibs, Dolly's, Cable Cams, Flycam, Towercam, Gyroscope stabilized camera heads and remote operated camera systems.

▷ Latest Assignments

Jasper Dirkse.TV - Broadcast Services & Support offers a range of services as a media advisor and technical producer. These services include, Technical production and management, camera operations, crew rentals and audiovisual supplier.

As a technical producer he delivered audiovisual services and equipment for corporate films and commercials for: Audi, GF Fisher, Nike Europe, IBIS Hotels, Schiphol, Kawasaki Europe, Van Dijk Automotive, AWS, Ocean Energy, World Harvest, Corus, NS,

▷ Clients Portfolio

Jasper Dirkse has been is serving a lot of audiovisual and broadcasting clients and close partnerships retrieved over the years.
In collaboration with a vast network of broadcast professionals and freelancers, we can fulfill every production no matter its size.  
For this matter Jasper Dirkse.TV - Broadcast Services & Support, deliver professional and highly skilled crews/equipment and give cohesive support for any film and television production in Europe.

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Jasper Dirkse is a highly skilled and experienced freelance cameraman and camera remote operator with over 30 years of experience in Multicam and ENG/EFP  for television and film productions. He has worked on a variety of projects, ranging from television shows, TV commercials, sporting events, documentaries to feature films and worked on numerous productions both in the Netherlands and internationally, which has allowed him to develop a diverse skillset.

▷ Portfolio

Camera Department; Super Technocrane (15/22/30/50), MovieBird 24/45/54/62, Extreme T10/12, (Fixed) Strada, Panther, GF Tele/8/9/16,Tulip, Skymote, Javelin MKII / 
Jib / Crane (1 person operated): Jimmy Jib, Scanner Crane, TDT, Maxi Jib. Telescopic: Techno 22 Target, Extreme T10.
Remote camera systems: Agito, U-Crane, Spider Cam, Fly-Line, Speed Track, Star Cam, Tower Cam, SAM Dolly, Furio.
Camera’s: ARRI, RED, Phantom & Antelope (High Speed), Black Magic, URSA, Canon, Grass Valley, Sony, Thomson.

▷ Camera & Grip

Car commercials; Jasper Dirkse.TV - Broadcast Services & Support has formed a close partnership with Eurogrip Europe and Carshooting111, which provides the company with access to high-quality video production equipment. This equipment includes gyro-stabilized remote systems and camera cranes, such as the U-crane Dynamic. This partnership allows Jasper Dirkse.TV to offer its clients premium video production services (such as: automotive and yacht commercials, sporting events) with the latest equipment and technology available in the industry.

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