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The Algarve region in Portugal is often compared to California in terms of its natural beauty and climate, making it an ideal location for automotive commercials, boating and yacht shoots, sporting events and film shoots. With Algarve’s stunning landscapes, from its golden beaches to its rugged cliffs and rolling countryside, offer a diverse range of scenic locations for filming. This region is known for its year-round sunshine and mild climate, making it an attractive destination for international commercials and film shoots.

Through our close cooperation with Europgrip and Car Shooting111, Jasper Dirkse.TV has premium access to the U-crane Dynamic, (stabilized camera crane mounted onto a car) which is in the Lisbon area located and can be fully operational in the Algarve in a short timeframe.
A specialized grip team and precision driver are included for operating and setting up the technique, crane, camera, and vehicle. With proofed reliability of the equipment and additional experience will result in high quality ultra-dynamic shots, and most importantly guarantied safety for all staff.

We can offer various vehicles with stabilized cranes for road and off-road use and cranes adaptable for boats and other transportation devices. With these different crane packages any film production, car commercial, boating, (sailing) competition or sport event can be covered with precision regardless the surface or circumstances. More technical specifications can be reviewed at: and

The U-crane (Car mounted crane), Radical (Boat crane) and Polaris (Crane / Off road vehicle) can be equipment with various camera systems and is available for any short- or long-term reservations.
For more information, please send us an email to: or make an appointment by phone: +351 910 861 231

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