Production Management

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Jasper Dirkse.TV – Broadcast Services & Support; offers a range of services such as: production management to help audiovisual productions run smoothly. One of the key services provided is technical production management. The production manager oversees the physical aspects of the production, including personnel,equipment, budget, and scheduling.


As a media advisor and supplier, Jasper Dirkse.TV is able to connect the right professionals with the right skills for the any particular assignment. This ensures that clients receive high-quality support and the most talented crew with the necessary skills and experience.
Crew mediation: Camera, Grip, Light, Audio and broadcast technicians.


One of our primary services is providing camera and grip teams for commercials and film shoots. These camera crews typically consist of a director of photography (DP) or cinematographer, camera operators, and assistants, who are responsible for capturing high-quality footage.
Specialisations in grip and remote camera systems: Camera cranes, Super Technocrane, MovieBird, Jimmy-Jib, Fly Cam, Agito, etc.

Ask us a question? Please send us an e-mail or call: +351 910 861 231 for a quick response.Jasper Dirkse.TV is conveniently located in the Algarve region of Portugal, close to Faro Airport. Faro Airport is the nearest airport to the Algarve and is located approximately 15 minutes driving distance from the region’s major hotels and resorts. The proximity of Jasper Dirkse.TV to Faro Airport makes it easily accessible for clients and crew members traveling from various parts of the world.

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