Camera remote systems such as a Camera cranes, Cable cams, Spider cam, Speed track, Rail cam, Tower cam, Camera remote dolly (Agito, Junior, Furio, SAM) can be used for a variety of film projects, television shows, sports events, concerts. A skilled grip team and a camera (remote head) operator working together as one. Creativity, communication, precision, and timing are the main essentials to capture dynamic shots in high resolution.

▷ The video above (created by Egripment) is at the World Cup Speed Skating in the Netherlands for NOS Sport. A team of 3 persons operating a Super Technocrane 30, equipped with a stabilized Flight Head. Camera (remote) operator, Jasper Dirkse has experience in 40+ different disciplines of sports and worked at major international sporting events like the: Olympic Games, European Games, World Cup: Athletics, BMX,  Bobsleigh, Hockey, Marathon, Speed Skating, Swimming, Soccer, Cycling. ▷ See more of his portfolio...

▷ Spidercam video "behind the scenes" s.a. an interview (Dutch) with camera remote operator; Jasper Dirkse, operating a Spidercam system at the World Cup Hockey (2014) in Den Hague (NL) in the Netherlands for the World Feed and NOS Sport. 

▷ This  video  (Dutch Television) shows a lot of dynamic shots made with a  drone and the AGITO (Motion Impossible) wireless modular dolly system, equipped with a stabilized head the Shotover G1, operated by Camera remote operator; Jasper Dirkse and remote dolly operator: Jeroen de Haan (Eurogrip).


• Telescopic cranes: SuperTechno (15/22/30/50), MovieBird 45/54/62, Extreme T10/12 Fixed: Strada, GF, Tulip, Javelin.
• Remote camera systems: AGITO, U-Crane, Radical, Polaris, Spider Cam, Fly-Line, Speed Track, Star Cam, Tower Cam, SAM Dolly, Furio.
• Remote Heads: Shotover | Flight Head | Mambo | Mo-Sys | Hot head | Hot Shot
• Jib / Crane (1 person operated): Jimmy Jib, Scanner Crane, TDT, Maxi Jib. Telescopic: Techno 15 Target, Extreme T10.
• Camera’s: ARRI, RED, Black Magic, Canon, Grass Valley, Sony, Thomson.

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